Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dance Recital

Lauren started taking dance in September 2010. She showed off her beautiful ballet and fancy tap dance at her first dance recital this spring. She loved getting her hair and make up done and being in the spot light on stage in a big auditorium. But the thing that put the biggest smile on her face was the flowers that Daddy gave her after the performance.

Following in her Daddy's footsteps

Lauren played her first season of soccer this spring. Besides looking incredibly cute in her soccer uniform, she did a great job and worked hard to learn the skills of the game. Scott coached her team and I was amazed by his patience when teaching the kiddos on Lauren's team. Just another example of what a great Daddy Scott is to Lauren and Jillian.

Coach Dad and his girls

Christmas 2010

Two Christmas cuties in matching Santa jammies

Sneaking a bite of Santa's cookies before bed!
No worries, he didn't hold it against her.

A Merry Christmas with the Reeds

Lauren, Maia and Josie got Rapunzel dolls for Christmas
complete with add on hair extensions!

Aunt Mar and sweet Jillian

Granddaddy with his youngest granddaughter

Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas with the Walker's, Duckworth's and Young's

Dressed up for some Christmas fun!

The Reed girls decorating Christmas cookies at Grammie and Granddaddy's house

They really weren't having very much fun at all :)

Josie was sprinkle crazy!

Thanksgiving with our sweet cousins at Mimi's house

I love Will's face in this picture

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a chocolate pilgrim hat

No chocolate pilgrim hats for these two!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jillian birthday theme was "Guess Whoo's One" and surprisingly enough it was not hard at all to find owl stuff to go with the theme. She looked adorable in her owl onesie and tutu, and I'm pretty sure that she knew she looked cute. She really enjoyed opening her gifts and being the center of attention. Lauren and Will were happy to jump in and help get the job done. We all had a great time celebrating our sweet little one year old.

Jillian was not a big fan of her cake. I really think it was the chocolate, so maybe we will try vanilla for her second birthday.

Happy Birthday Jilly!

Our precious Jillian is now a big one year old. It is so unbelievable how fast this year has gone by. I really would not trade one second of the past year, even the many (and I mean many) late nights. Jillian is a tiny little thing (5th percentile in weight) but she has a big personality. She is so joyful most of the time but she can also be a stinker if she doesn't get what she wants. She has turned in to a little screamer, and we know she is just trying to figure out how to communicate with us. Jillian cruises around the furniture and crawls all over the place. We are having to keep a very close eye on her these days, and Lauren is a big help with that. She is not walking yet, but
we think she's just a few weeks away. She can say mama, da da, and bye bye. We think she says kitty when she sees Kirby, but not totally positive. As we celebrate her birthday I keep thinking about how much she has changed and how perfectly she fits into our family. A year ago, I was wondering who this little bundle in the blanket would be like, and I have come to realize that she is just perfectly Jillian. She is her own little person and is wonderfully made by God. I am thankful for ever moment I have with her and she continues to amaze us everyday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jillian's birthday pictures are coming soon...
A Party for a Princess

Lauren requested to have a princess birthday party this year. We decided to have the party at the park and try to "princess" the place up. We rented a Cinderella bounce house, and Mommy and Aunt Lolly decorated with as much pink and purple as we could find. It was the perfect party for our little princess.

as Lauren was getting ready to blow out the candles, her arm slid right into the cake. Priceless!